High-throughput genetic analysis.


QuantiGene® Plex assays provide high-throughput quantitative gene expression analysis to support a wide range of applications. QuantiGene assays feature the use of Luminex™ xMAP™ technology to multiplex up to 80 gene targets in a single well. The method utilizes branched DNA (bDNA) technology to amplify signal from probes that specifically hybridize to target sequences within the sample, eliminating the need for RNA isolation and reverse transcription.

QuantiGene Plex assays may be used to quantify gene transcripts from a wide variety of sample types, including blood, fresh tissue, FFPE tissue, purified RNA, or cultured cells. Cambridge Biomedical can custom design your assay to fit the specific needs of your project.

The features and advantages of QuantiGene include:

  • Direct hybridization in samples or lysates
  • Branched DNA (bDNA) signal amplification
  • RNA purification, cDNA synthesis, and PCR amplification not required
  • Multiplex up to 80 gene transcripts

Speak to our QuantiGene expert to design your assay.