Ensure your PCR project is a success. 


Cambridge Biomedical offers genomics services to support the preclinical and clinical phases of drug development.  Our molecular suite is custom designed with separate facilities for automated DNA and RNA extraction, from a variety of sample types, where we record the nucleic acid yield and purity in all cases to ensure the highest quality genomics results. 


Our test menu

Our test menu includes custom Real Time qPCR, gene expression analysis using Taqman assays, SNP genotyping analysis and copy number variation, mutation detection using Taqman and microRNA analysis. 

Our PCR suite is equipped with the latest generation of PCR equipment, including Applied Biosystems ViiA 7 with both 96 and 384 well, fast cycle options, the Applied Biosystems Prism 7000 and QuantiGene. 

Trust us.

Our scientific team offers a breadth and depth of expertise in the development, optimization and validation of complex molecular assays working in collaboration with your team to ensure that your project is a success.



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