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Meet with our Scientists at PEGS



If you plan to attend the 14th Annual PEGS meeting in Boston this year stop by booth #536 and meet with Cambridge Biomedical's Subject MatterExperts

Take a look at the schedule below to make the most of your visit. Cambridge Biomedical's experts can discuss many of the core competences however if you have specific highly technical questions feel free to schedule a time to talk with the best representative.


 Dr. Linda Robbie

VP of Scientific Affairs

Regulatory, Biomarkers, Immunogenicity

Available through the entire PEGS2018 Event


Dr. Ben Bronfin

Director of CRO Services

Immunoassays, Enzyme Assays, Biomarkers

May 3, 12 - 2 PM


Dr. Franck Grall

Director of Scientific Services

PK, Immunogenicity, Neutralizing Antibodies

May 2, 5 - 8 PM


Dr. Sarah Bond

Associate Director of Scientific Services

qRT-PCR, Cell Based Assays, Multiplexing]

May 2, 12 - 2 PM


Dr. Maloy Mangada

Associate Director of Scientific Services

Flow Cytometry, Receptor Occupancy, BTK

May 1, 12 - 2 PM


To arrange specific appointments contact Eric Wexler, Cambridge Biomedical's Director of Business Development at