Clinical Study Success Begins With Sample Collection


Beginning with kit design, our experienced team will guide you through the process to ensure your specimens are collected accurately and efficiently every time. We build kits based on your pre-existing needs or design custom kits unique to your study, complete with collection instructions and return shippers.

Our expert logistics and project management teams track and monitor collection kit distribution, usage, and expiration dates to maximize your study’s efficiency. As a result, your sample collection process has never been easier.  


Cambridge Biomedical: Sample Management


Our talented and highly motivated sample management team provides sample receipt, handling, accessioning, data entry, and metric gathering during the pre-analytical stage of testing. This team adheres to all quality assurance and quality control guidelines, maintaining specimen identification, integrity, and chain of custody throughout all department processes. 

Access to our clinical research sample storage units is restricted to authorized employees only, and laboratory operations monitors sample temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within our units, ensuring constant protection of your samples. 

In addition to managing sample collection, Cambridge Biomedical can also handle sample distribution. We provide central lab services including sample accessioning and shipping, discrepancy resolution, and storage.


When you’re looking for solutions designed specific to your study - be confident with Cambridge Biomedical.