Analyzing the Immunological Response to Your Therapeutic


Immunogenicity studies aim to detect the presence of immune response against a therapeutic drug. This can be a humoral (anti-drug antibody) or cellular (T-cell) response.  This response can arise when the organism, human or animal, recognizes the drug as foreign. Though not necessarily a toxicological endpoint, immunogenicity can affect the pharmacokinetic and/or the pharmacodynamics profile of a drug.

Services and Capabilities

Cambridge Biomedical has developed and validated many different immunogenicity assays for clinical trials and preclinical studies. We have experience with a variety of large and small molecule drugs and in both human and animal samples. 

We can recommend strategies and provide contract services for assessing immunogenicity using a variety of technologies.

Our Technologies:

Our Immunology Testing Services: 

  • NK cell killing (cytotoxicity)

  • Phagocytosis or Phagoburst™ (neutrophils and monocytes)

  • T-cell proliferation

  • Individual and multiplex cytokine analysis

  • Cytokine release syndrome (cytokine storm)


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