Analyze the immunological response to your therapeutic.


Immunogenicity studies aim to detect the presence of immune response against a therapeutic drug.  This can be a humoral (anti-drug antibody, or ADA) or cellular (T cell) response.  They are predominantly applicable for biological drugs, rather than small molecules. This response can arise when the organism, human or animal, recognizes the drug as foreign.  Though not necessarily a toxicological endpoint, immunogenicity can affect the pharmacokinetic and/or the pharmacodynamics profile of a drug.


Services and Capabilities

Cambridge Biomedical has developed and validated many different immunogenicity assays for clinical diagnostics, clinical trials, and pre-clinical studies. We have experience with a variety of biological drugs and microorganisms, in both human and animal samples.

We can recommend strategies and provide contract services for assessing immunogenicity utilizing the following technologies:


Our lab offers the following immunology testing services: 

  • NK cell killing (cytotoxicity)
  • Phagocytosis or Phagoburst (Neutrophils and Monocytes)
  • T cell proliferation
  • Individual and Multiplex Cytokine analysis
  • Cytokine Release Syndrome (cytokine storm)


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