We offer a broad range of capabilities suited to the study of immuno-oncology. 


The biomarker options for immuno-oncology clinical trials are vast and a targeted approach is beneficial. A broad range of analyticical methods across diverse matrices, including tumor, blood, cells, DNA/RNA, is necessary to paint the best, most colorful, and informative picture. 


Options include:

  • The measurement of circulating proteins in the blood using immunoassays (IA).
  • The examination of the cellular component of the blood, including the analysis of circulating tumor cells specifically and/or circulating free DNA via flow cytometry.
  • Tumor gene expression.
  • Examining protein expression within tumors via immunohistochemistry (IHC).

Patient samples are precious and are often subject to limited availability - either in terms of the amount of biopsy material available or blood volume restriction. This necessitates highly sensitive and reproducible assays capable of running small sample volumes, such as the multiplex assays described above. Immunoassays and flow cytometry in particular allow more data to be generated from the smallest amount of sample.



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