Test your product with a real-life model.


Cell based assays use live cells, offering a more relevant representation of a real-life model. Using live cells allows for tracking of dynamic variables such as monitoring the number of cells or their behavior. Our scientists can assist you to maximize the benefit of your cell based assay by leveraging their considerable industry experience for your benefit.

Custom Cell Culture

We offer custom cell culture including primary explants, cloning and optimizing expression of a cell line or development of the optimum medium, including serum-free medium. Additionally, purification of your protein can be performed from either cell extracts or the conditioned media.


Cell based assay experiments:

  • Cell proliferation
  • Toxicity
  • Motility
  • Production of a measurable product
  • Morphology

Cell-Based Services:

  • Cell-based assays
  • Measuring neutralizing antibodies (NABs)
  • Tissue culture
  • Cell culture optimization
  • Bio-assays including stem cells and protein expression systems

We offer additional services and experiments that are not listed here. We'd love to speak with you regarding your specific needs.


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