Cambridge Biomedical Adds to Their Flow Cytometry Capabilities


Cambridge Biomedical adds to their Flow Cytometry capabilities

Cambridge Biomedical is very excited to introduce a new state-of-the-art flow cytometry (FACS) tool. A 405-nm violet laser has been added to our FACS Canto II laser array, upgrading the previous 2 lasers-6 color set-up to a 3 lasers-8 colors capability. The addition of this laser has allowed Cambridge Biomedical to maximize multi-color flow performance, with contemporaneous analysis of 8 targets in a single sample. Utilizing dyes in the violet spectrum (for example Pacific Blue™, AmCyan, BD Horizon V450 and Brilliant Violet™ 421) will be a significant enhancement for researchers that seek to garner maximum information from small or rare sample sizes, as well as save time and money in terms of actual project time.

Flow cytometry is a very powerful technique for rapidly analyzing large numbers of cells individually with a host of applications in both basic research, drug discovery, and the clinical laboratory. This addition will expand our capabilities in multiple research areas, including increasing the information output in immunophenotyping, staining of surface markers and/or viability markers along with intra-cellular staining of cytokines, intra-nuclear staining of phosphoproteins, and cell cycle and cell proliferation assays, among many others.

Cambridge Biomedical

Since 1997, Cambridge Biomedical has partnered with our clients by providing a diverse range of services from pre-clinical to post market. Including; assay development, optimization, validation and diagnostic testing. Conveniently located to support the Northeast pharmaceutical development market, yet with a national and global reach. Our personalized project management, approach along with a focus on delivering quality results and regulatory submission ready documentation and rapid turnaround times, ensure we meet our client’s product development timelines.

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