Cambridge Biomedical's Director of Quality Assurance is now President of NERSCQA

We are pleased to announce that Cambridge Biomedical's Manish Ranjitkar, Director of Quality Assurance, is now the president of the New England Regional Chapter of Quality Assurance Professionals for 2012, after serving as Vice President in 2011.

To learn a little bit more about NERSCQA, here is their stated goal:

To serve as a focal point for Quality Assurance "GXP" professionals in the New England Region by establishing a forum for education, training, communication and information exchange among Quality Assurance professionals in the environmental, pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields of government, private industry, research and academia.

One of the main focuses of the group is ethics. A topic that might be easy to relegate to the realm of "nice ideas", a true QA professional nevertheless realizes that it is the consumer who is protected by a rigorous application of data integrity practices. With safety paramount, data and information has to be exact, and a good Quality Assurance Department ensures that this is the case. If our business is about improving and even saving lives, then QA is no less involved in the quest to do just that. We are fortunate to have Quality Assurance professionals on staff here at Cambridge Biomedical that exemplify this paradigm.

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