CAR T-Cell Therapy; Engineering the patients' immune cells target and kill their cancer

Cambridge Biomedical is privileged to contribute in this exciting and promising new immunotherapy, as we work in collaboration with researchers in the field, utilizing our strengths with complex esoteric testing.  Our participation in this area includes receptor occupancy by flow cytometry and immunoassay based methodologies, intracellular cytokine staining to investigate T-cell immunogenicity in PBMCs, ELISA and MSD immunoassays to measure BTK occupancy, cell based drug potency assays, qRT-PCR to assess the safety and activity of drug in patients and multiplex assays such as Luminex and MSD to investigate circulating cytokine levels.

 For years cancer treatments consisted of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, but now, immunotherapy is showing its strength by empowering the patients’ own immune system to locate and destroy the cancer.  CAR T-cell therapy involves collection of the patients’ T-cells, followed by genetic modification of these T-cells in the laboratory in order to introduce a new gene that allows the CAR T-cells to target and kill the patients’ cancer cells.  The genetically engineered-cells are then infused back into the patient where they begin their work to target and kill the cancer.  Until recently CAR T-cell therapy has been restricted to only a small number of clinical trials, mostly in patients with advanced cancers for which standard care had been largely ineffective.  The CAR T-cell therapies, however, are showing remarkable responses in many of these patients.  These are exciting times, with this extremely promising advance in science and medicine where none existed some years ago.  There is, in addition, much more to discover over the years ahead as the boundaries are pushed to unlock the full potential of immunotherapy as the treatment of blood cancers and ultimately perhaps other forms of cancer as well.

Leading with science, we deliver innovative solutions with quality and exceptional service to meet and exceed your needs for clinical research and testing.  Cambridge Biomedical offers established expertise in assay development, assay validation, and specimen analysis for biomarkers and bioanalytical assays.  We provide a diverse range of simple to highly complex, routine and esoteric assays using a wide range of technologies; and we accommodate study sizes with low, medium, or high volume sample testing requirements.

Our laboratory is CLIA certified, CAP accredited, and GLP/GCLP compliant.  

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