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CBI Summer Newsletter

Cambridge Biomedical Summer 2014


It's summer !

Hope you are all enjoying the weather and that you like our summer themed newsletter.

The weather has been warm in Boston but that hasn't diminished our efforts in bringing stellar performance to our clients. We are busier than ever and engaged in many projects with clients throughout the world, helping them bring drugs and biologicals to market in a timely and cost effective manner.

Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase

At CBI we are frequently asked about our role in the paper titled "Inhibition of Btk with CC-292 Provides Early Pharmacodynamics Assesment of Activity in Mice and Humans" Published in JPET August 2013. In this study we worked closely with the client to validate a Btk Target site occupancy ELISA method for the detection of free uninhibited Btk in human lysates. If your study requires a similar assay to be optimized and validated followed by clinical trial sample testing under GLP or CAP/CLIA regulatory conditions then please contact us for more information on how we can assist you.


Our recently introduced video services has proved very popular with clients who need to ensure that their clinical trial samples are all accurately collected and post-processing completed using the same methodology. This is especially important when using multiple sites in different regions. For more information contact David or Bob here.

At Cambridge Biomedical we always strive to use best-in-class processes and technology. Recently we investigated in detail what would be the best system to utilize for sample tracking and after extensive work we decided that the best solution would be to develop our own system that is tailored for the needs of the bioanalytical CRO. We will be launching the CBI TrakIt system in Q4 and will be discussing in more detail in our next newsletter.


From the Scientists Desk

Bioanalytical Assay Development and sample testing in First World countries is greatly facilitated by highly expensive and sophisticated state of the art equipment and reagents.

As a Physician/Scientist initially trained in a large regional hospital in India that mainly catered to the rural and impoverished urban populations, what often strikes me when I’m running a multiplexed Luminex assay for 34 cytokines, chemokines, biomarkers on one of our high end FlexMap 3D instruments, or a multiple phosphoprotein determination using expensive reagents on one of our 3 laser-8 color FACS Canto II instruments, is how unequal the state of assay development and sample testing is between this part of the world, and the hospital where I was trained as a physician, and how impractical it will be apply these sophisticated technologies in the less affluent parts of the world.

One of the emerging areas of assay development that greatly interests me as a Physician/Scientist, is the evolution of simplified, ingenious assay methods that utilize simple, cheap technologies that can be deployed in the field, and in small, under-equipped rural and regional medical care centers around the world.



Checkout our latest whitepapers on

Luminex Assay Validation


Application of Immunological and Molecular Techniques

by Dr. Sonal Gupta. If you have any questions for Sonal please email us.

Flow Cytometry Techniques

Click on the image below to check out our latest technical video on Flow Cytometry


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